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VSH Saxton Hale Wiki

Sep 23, 2016
VSH Saxton Hale Wiki
  • What exactly is VSH?
    Originally posted by author Saxton Hale Wiki:
    The VS Saxton Hale Mode is an unofficial "Juggernaut" variation of Arena Mode, in which an entire team of mercenaries is pitted against one player in a battle to the death. Whilst the primary rules of kill or be killed still apply, the modification involves the lone player taking on the role of an overpowered Saxton Hale (or other "boss" character), contending against the rest of the players as the other team until either the boss or all of the mercenaries die

    Saxton Hale Stats and Strats

    1. Superjump - Jump super high and smack people mid air or on the ground. Very useful against scouts who run away. To use this, right click and look up(alternatively you can crouch and look up). Using right click is faster and gives you more momentum rather than crouching.
    Jump super high reaching the skybox of the map!
    Take damage from the map, i.e falling off the map or standing in front of the train
    2. Stomp - Land on their head and crush their entire body. Remember, the more height the more damage.
    3. Weighdown - Getting juggled mid air by a sentry or a soldier? Weighdown using mouse 2 or crouching whilst looking down.
    4. Rage - Scare everyone and disable sentries for 5 seconds. Call Medic [E] or taunt [G]. Builds when taking damage or being airblasted.

    • Map knowledge is needed, watch out for those hard to reach engineer spots and instant death areas. Also to move faster using the superjump
    • Superjumping around the map is a good strategy, singling them out from each other makes them vulnerable. Especially against demoknights in packs.
    • Against engineers, using rage will make your life so much easier. It disables it for 5 secs and deals half of the sentry's health

    Number of Players Health gain per Player before base health add Max Health
    1 0 2046
    2 478 3003
    3 654 4007
    10 938 11425
    17 1010 19210
    23 1046 26095
    30 1077 34343
    31 1080 35539
    Christian Brutal Sniper

    Unique Abilities
    • Spooks players in a small radius and generates 2-12 arrows(depending on player amount).
    • 33% damage and knock back resistance.

    • Able to snipe a player from a distance with the Huntsman.
    • Easier to deal with unattended sentries.

    • Unlike all the other hales, CBS has a very small rage radius and has more knock back vulnerability.

    • Target engineers in sentry nests to get rid of the player and the sentry. Win win?
    • Learn how to use the knock back to your advantage. Such as using a player to push you to another player you are chasing.
    Easter Bunny

    Unique Abilities
    • Easter Bunny's rage sprays explosive eggs everywhere.
    • 33% damage and knock back reduction when raging.
    • Higher base jump than other hales. [25% higher]
    • Decreased damage to 195

    • Able to one shot any player when crit boosted.
    • Higher Jumps = can reach people on top of crates

    • Eggs also benefit players. It will grant them crits and ammo.
    • Easter Bunny's melee does only 195 damage unlike hale's usual 202.
    • Smaller rage radius.

    • Use the rage in a crowded group of players to maximize effectiveness.
    • Easter Bunny's rage is usually useless in open areas unless with crits. Using it on small closed areas will almost always guarantee the kill.
    • Whenever you kill a player, eggs will fly out of them granting you a short time of crits whenever you pick them up.
    • To add a bonus to your rage, pick up a nearby crit egg and your rage will spray crit boosted eggs.
    Headless Horseless Horseman (HHH)

    Unique Abilities:
    • Scare everyone and disable sentries for 5 seconds. Call Medic [E] or taunt [G]. Builds when taking damage or being airblasted. Has a bigger rage radius and longer duration.
    • 33% damage and knock-back reduction when raging.
    • Changed super jump into Teleport.
    • Crouch and look up or Right click and look up.
    • Teleport to a random player.
    • Hit the wall/obstacle and climb.
    • Same as the Sniper's bushwacka but HHH takes no damage.

    • Long melee range. Similar to the range of the Eyelander.

    • Ability to teleport to players. Useful in chasing people or finding engi nests.
    • Easier to catch people in maps that have many obstacles.

    • Unable to Super Jump.
    • Teleport has a 40 second cooldown.
    • Hard to use in big open maps.
    • Since you are unable to super jump. You should learn how to easily corner players and kill them. To do this, chase the player and back them into a wall or obstacle and slice their heads off!
    • You still have weighdown! Look down and crouch when you are getting juggled in the air by sentries and what not!
    Unique Abilities
    • Become invulnerable to any damage and knock-back for a short period of time.
    • Smaller Spook Radius
    • Head hit-box non existent!

    • When raged, become ubered and no knockback taken from any source except for pyro's air blast.
    • Pyro's air blast when ubered prolongs the "ubered effect" longer.

    • Smaller rage radius as compared to Saxton Hale.
      - Dealing with scouts is harder because of vagineer's rage radius.

    • If you cannot reach to a sentry nest or a player is dealing a lot of knockback, you can use your rage to negate the knockback and kill them.
    Weapon Tweaks
    • The Shortstop's effects are applied even without deploying the weapon.
    • The Soda Popper and the Baby Face's Blaster are not allowed and replaced with the Scattergun.
    • All pistols are Mini-crit boosted.
    • The Bonk! Atomic Punch is not allowed and is replaced with the Crit-a-Cola.
    • The Crit-a-Cola grants full Crits instead of Mini-crits.
    • The Flying Guillotine is Crit boosted.
    • The Candy Cane causes a small Health pack to appear on hit.
    • The Fan O' War removes 5% of the boss's rage per hit.
    • The Wrap Assassin's has two baubles instead of one.

    Home RUN
    • Scattergun
    • Pistol/Guillotine
    • Sandman
      This loadout is almost often used among vsh players. Scattergun deals good damage mid-close range. Spamming the pistol getting 100+ damage per clip (depending on the aim of course). Sandman has a unique purpose, its the get out of jail for free of VSH because of its "Bonking" ability. It stuns the hale for a limited time allowing you to escape his range or help your teammate trapped or getting chased.
    Mobility is King
    • Scattergun
    • The Winger
    • Atomizer/Sandman
      This loadout is often used in maps that have many obstacles (i.e RatSaxxy). It consists of the old but reliable scattergun. The Winger for jumping to Crates, Rocks, Houses with ease. The Atomizer is used for changing directions twice when hale jumps or to go even higher areas where hale will have a hard time getting to you.
    Smash Bros
    • Force-A-Nature (FaN)
    • Crit-A-Cola
    • Sandman
      This loadout is good vs the Christian Brutal Sniper since he has low knock-back resistance. With the Crits of the Crit-A-Cola and the extra knockback and damage of the FaN you can make the CBS fly across the map. The FaN is also useful as a "third jump", jumping on higher areas like crates and opening faster routes to get away from hale.
      The Hit and Run
    • Shortstop
    • Crit-A-Cola
    • Sandman
      Shortstop is a very nice weapon able to dish out tons of damage in a short amount of time with crits. Bonking the hale with a sandman ball would help you land all your crit shots from your Shortstop accurately dealing at most 144 damage each shot(36 minimum).
    • Use obstacles as an advantage, Jump around and make sure you don't follow a pattern. He'll most likely to target someone else or you will be a good distraction for your teammates
    • When you have height advantage, make sure you hit him mid-air so you can knock him back down.
    • On a 1vs1 against hale, Don't panic. You have kritz = more knock-back so play the height advantage and shoot back when running away.
    Weapon Tweaks
    • All Soldier primary and secondary weapons (excluding the Cow Mangler 5000 and the Righteous Bison) will perform Mini-crits against an airborne boss. (the weapons Mini-crit airborne targets for up to 99999 seconds after weapon switch)
    • The Direct Hit performs Crits instead of Mini-crits.
    • The Reserve Shooter performs Crits in place of Mini-crits, has a 10% damage bonus, and is reduced to 3 clip.
    • The Rocket Jumper is not allowed and is overridden with the Rocket Launcher.
    • The Air Strike gains additional clip for every 200 damage dealt with the Air Strike itself.
    • The Gunboats reduce fall damage by 90%.
    • The Battalion's Backup grants 75% knockback resistance. The meter will fill as normal, but will also do so instantly after surviving any hit from the boss. When used, it will block a massive amount of damage from bosses against the player and teammates within the buff radius.
    • The Mantreads reduce fall damage by 90%, increase rocket jump force by 1.8x and deal 1024 damage to bosses upon landing on their head. On servers with the Goomba Stomp plugin, it may be possible to register both a Mantread Stomp and Goomba Stomp simultaneously.
    • The B.A.S.E. Jumper reduces damage of Market Gardens by 33% when active. A successful Market Garden will disable the parachute if it is active, however it can be re-deployed instantly.
    • The Half-Zatoichi heals +35 health on hit and can overheal the player by up to +25 health. The weapon can be sheathed after a hit.
    • The Market Gardener does damage similar to backstabs on a market garden, except scaled lower for balancing purposes. After successfully landing a market garden, the Soldier must blast jump again before being able to do another.

    Meatshot Soldier
    • Direct Hit
    • Gunboats
    • Escape Plan/Market Gardener
      If you love airshotting players, this set is gonna love you! The direct hit grants player crit damage if you airshot hales! If you have the opportunity to market garden hale, take it. It'll be worth the damage as it is equivalent to a spy backstab.

    Shovel Master Race
    • Liberty Launcher/Stock Rocket Launcher
    • Gunboats/B.A.S.E. Jumper
    • Market Gardener
      This loadout is mainly for market gardening. The liberty launcher does reduced rocket jumping damage allowing you to rocket jump more. Another option is the Stock, It is more reliable than the Liberty Launcher when its a 1vs1. Each successful market garden deals 15% of hale's health. If you opt to use the B.A.S.E jumper, It has decrease of damage (only 10.5%) similar to a spy's backstab. [Percentage of Hale's Health may vary for the update]

    Survival Bucket head
    • Black Box
    • Battalion's Backup/Concherior
    • Half-Zatochi/Escape Plan
      This set is mainly for maps that has very little health packs. This allows soldier to gain substantial health over time. The Battalion's Backup + Half-Zatochi is a good combination. It gives you damage reduction and hitting hale with the melee gives you more health. You're practically invincible!

    • Memorize health and ammo pack locations around the map. Practice rocket jumps to them.
    • The Battalion's Backup/Concherior affects your teammates too! Don't be selfish and share among your wonderful friends in need!
    • Your melees has a little delay before actually hitting. Learn how to 'pre-hit' so you can be more successful in landing more market gardens.
    • Market Garden Hales when they are chasing people. It is easier to predict the path of Hale and avoid when he is fighting demoknights, as from previous experiences, you get body blocked by the demomen or you save their life (you die).
    • You don't have to jump high for a market garden. Low jumps are faster and hale doesnt have much time to move away. (hard to execute)
    Weapon Tweaks
    • When a Compression Blast is used on any boss, the boss will gain 4% rage. In addition, using the
    • Compression Blast on the Vagineer while he is ÜberCharged will take extra Ammo and will lengthen the time of the Vagineer's rage.
    • All Flare Guns are Crit boosted.
    • The Phlogistinator disables Flare Gun Crits and deals 50% less damage while not under effect of the MMMPH buff.
    • The Flare Gun and Detonator are replaced with a "Mega-Detonator", a customized Flare Gun that behaves like a Detonator, but allows for a very large Flare Jump at the expense of greater self-damage from explosions. The flare jump will propel the user a large distance regardless of whether it is detonated via alt-fire or via the flare exploding on contact with an object.
    • The Manmelter Revenge Crits do 2.5x damage. Incidentally, there are no opportunities to ignite players in the default version of the game mode that are eligible Revenge Crits other than the rare ignited Christian Brutal Sniper arrow or dedicated map element, often rendering the ability useless.
    • The Axtinguisher and Postal Pummeler behave like the Fire Axe.
    • The Powerjack gives the Pyro +25 health on hit and can overheal the player up to +50 health.
    • The Third Degree will add 10% ÜberCharge to any Medics healing the player. The 10% is split among multiple Medics. If a Pyro is able to constantly hit the boss while under the effects of a Medic's Übercharge, it is possible to prolong it infinitely.
    Critical Flamer
    • Phlogistinator
    • Flare gun/Scorch shot
    • Power Jack/Backscratcher
      Use your secondary to gain rage for your phlogistinator. When hale is close-by activate your MMPH by M2. You also gain damage resistance while your MMPH is activated.
    Airblast Punching
    • Degreaser/Stock Flamethrower
    • Flare Gun/Shotgun
    • Power Jack/Backscratcher
      This is one of the most annoying loadouts for hale. You can light hale on fire with your degreaser and airblast him away. While hale is in the air, you can pull out your shotgun or flare gun and shoot him, dealing additional damage and knocking him back. After repeating this for about 3 times, you should flare jump away because chances are that he has rage and will single you out..

    • Keep in mind that you will be giving hale 4% rage each time you airblast him. When airblasting the Vagineer, His invulnerability is longer when you airblast him
    • A direct hit at hale with the scorch shot knocks back hale similar to a airblast. Airshots will deny his momentum fully.
    • The flare gun and the Detonator becomes a "MEGA DETONATOR" being able to jump across the map but deals a lot of self damage when using it. Scorch shot doesn't have this attribute.
    • Always have the powerjack out when you are running. It gives you a 15% faster move speed when you have it out.

      Weapon Tweaks
      • The Ali Baba's Wee Booties and the Bootlegger reduce fall damage by 90% and deal 1024 damage to bosses upon landing on their head under valid Mantread stomp conditions.
      • The Chargin' Targe, Splendid Screen and Tide Turner block one hit from any boss, after which they are removed from the player for the duration of the round. All shields grant the player with either a Crit or Mini-crit boost for their Grenade Launcher, depending on the server's configuration.
      • The Sticky Jumper is not allowed and is replaced with the Stickybomb Launcher.
      • The Eyelander, Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker, and Nessie's Nine Iron gain heads on hit instead of on kill.
      • The Half-Zatoichi heals +35 health on hit and can overheal the player by up to +25 health. The weapon can be sheathed after a hit.

      • Ali Baba's Wee Booties/Bootlegger
      • Charge n' Targe/Splendid Shield/Tide Turner
      • Eyelander
        This is a widely popular set that can deal a solid 195 damage each hit. Along with the massive range of the Eyelander, it is easier to hit hale and not be within his melee range.
      Sticky Demo
      • Grenade Launcher/Ali Baba's Wee Booties/Bootlegger
      • Stickybomb Launcher/Scottish Resistance
      • Eyelander
        This set is mainly focused on you dealing most of your damage with your sticky bombs. You can place them in a spot and lure hale to the bomb pile or constantly denonate near hale.
      • Placing stickies in spots where Hale usually walks through. 8 stickies directly below him can do massive damage. Critical Stickies are even better
      • Scottish resistance has a much longer arm rate than the stock. It can also fire out +6 stickies. Take advantage of this and make a bigger bomb pile to do extra damage!
      • Keep in mind you are not limited to your stickybombs to do damage. You can use your eyelander if hale is too close and get heads.
      • 4 is the lucky number! If you have 4 heads collected from hitting hale, you have the maximum amount of your health increased to 235! You'll also have maximum speed allowing you to be slightly faster than hale's speed.
      Weapon Tweaks
      • The Natascha is not allowed and is replaced with the Minigun.
      • The Killing Gloves of Boxing, the Gloves of Running Urgently and the Bread Bite are modified to allow the Heavy to run at +50% greater speed, but deal 7 damage per second while active. They do not inherit any other penalties from the Gloves of Running Urgently.
      • The Fists of Steel are not allowed and are replaced with Fists.
      • The Holiday Punch removes all stun effects if the Heavy is able to land a hit on the boss while stunned. It does not gain a Crit boost as other melee weapons do, but can still perform its laugh on Crit ability, though the effect will only last for 0.1 seconds on the boss (with the exception of a Vagineer who has used his rage ability).
      Beastly Heavy
      • Brass Beast
      • Sandvich/Dalokoh's Bar
      • Gloves of Running Urgently
        This set is capable of tanking a lot of damage while putting out extremely high damage. Due to the low mobility of the Brass Beast, it is suggested that you camp near a dispenser where you can get a unlimited amount of ammo and healing. Use your melee to run away if hale has destroyed the engie's nest.
      Old Fashioned
      • Minigun/Tomislav
      • Sandvich/Dalokoh's Bar
      • Gloves of Running Urgently
        This is a set if you want to quickly roll down your minigun or have more mobility unlike the Brass Beast.
      • Most of the time, you will only be able to take 1 shot before dying. You will be left with a very small amount of health. Be aware of this when you pull out your melee to escape. You might kill yourself.
      • With a medic constantly healing you, Heavies can survive two hits.
      • Keeping your minigun revved up can help you prepare for hale whenever he comes after you.
      • Play with engineers as they may place down an amplifier after they upgraded all their contraptions, Increasing damage 3x.

      Weapon Tweaks
      • Metal from pickups is limited, as all Ammo crate pickups are converted to the small variation.
      • All bosses' rage deals 1 damage to Teleporters and Dispensers, indicating whether rage was used nearby.
      • The Frontier Justice is Crit boosted as long as the Engineer's Sentry Gun is actively targeting the boss.
      • The Rescue Ranger and Pomson 6000 are Crit boosted.
      • All pistols are Crit boosted.
      • The Short Circuit is not allowed and is replaced with the Wrangler.
      • The Eureka Effect may or may not be replaced with a Wrench, depending server configuration.
      • Telefragging the boss will deal exactly 9001 damage.

      The Anti-Fun Engineer
      • Frontier Justice/Stock Shotgun/Widowmaker
      • Pistol
      • Gunslinger
        This loadout is a very trollish stragedy of fighting hale. You can plop down a mini-sentry anywhere and let it do the damage. Or you can do additional damage with your frontier justice or pistol. Keep in mind about your metal amount and locations of ammo packs throughout the map. (Good with maps with little to no ammo). Use among the three primaries, Frontier Justice when you have good positioning, Widowmaker if you have trust in your aim, Stock is probably the safest one to use.
      Engineer Nest
      • Rescue Ranger/Frontier Justice
      • Wrangler/Pistol
      • Jag/Wrench
        This loadout is primarily used for building a camping spot. This loadout's effectivenes depends on the spot of the map and sentry placement. Using the Jag can greatly boost the speed of constructing buildings therefore, getting you set up as quickly as possible. Keep in mind building the dispenser first is very important as it will provide metal for you to build and upgrade.
      • Memorizing ammo packs around the map can help you greatly when you are in a bind and need metal.
      • Map knowledge and basic judgement on sentry spots. There are spots that require easy to hard sentry jumps. There are different sentry jumps, using rockets, level 1 / mini sentry bullets or Synergizing them both with a level 3 sentry. Synergizing them is a very hard technique but fun to do.
      • Level 3 has more knockback because of rockets. It is FALSE that level 2 sentry has more
        knockback than level 3.
      • Telefragging. Basically Teleporting to your exit when he is standing on top of it dealing 9001 damage. Only use in 1 way spots. Very hard to execute with Hale's that know what they're doing.
      • When Building nests with 2 or more engies NEVER leech of their dispenser if their contraptions aren't fullly upgraded. Build your own dispenser please.
      • Once finished upgrading your buildings, help a fellow engineer. You might meet new friends :)
      • To use an amplifier type !amp or /amp and choose between amplifier or dispenser
      Weapon Tweaks
      • The Medic spawns with 40% ÜberCharge, and after each ÜberCharge runs out, gains 31% Übercharge automatically.
      • Targets who have been granted a Crit boost by the gamemode will also deal Mini-crit damage for indirect forms of damage if they are being healed. This can affect an Engineer's sentry by giving it
      • Mini-crits when an Engineer has his Wrench equipped, because the game mode normally only grants Crits without Mini-crits for melee weapons.
      • All syringe guns are replaced with a custom Syringe Gun that grants 5% Übercharge on hit and the Overdose's speed effect.
      • The Crusader's Crossbow is Crit boosted, deals 45% extra damage, and gains 15% ÜberCharge on each successful hit.
      • All Mediguns are replaced with a customized Kritzkrieg that grants Crits, Über, and Overdose effects during its charge. Speed boost is granted while healing a Scout. Upon activating ÜberCharge, the Medic is boosted to start at 150% instead of the usual 100% charge.
      • All Mediguns have their attributes replaced and function identically to one another. They provide both a Crit boost and an Über during its ÜberCharge, and the Disciplinary Action speed boost effect while healing a Scout. Upon activating ÜberCharge, the Medic's Übercharge meter is set to 150%, causing it to last for 12 seconds rather than 8.

        Medieval Medic
      • Crusader's Crossbow
      • Kritzkrieg
      • Übersaw
        The Crusader's Crossbow grants crit boost. This deals high damage ranging from 113-326 (depending on the range)
        Each successful bolts fired from the crossbow adds 15% Übercharge to your medigun.
        Syringe Medic
      • Syringe Gun
      • Kritzkrieg
      • Übersaw
        The Syringe Gun should only be used when hale is nearby or chasing you. Your primary job is to heal players and using your über to save you and your teammates. If you land most of your shots from your syringe gun, you will gain 100% übercharge quickly.
      • Übering classes that can deal massive damage in a short amount of time is usually a good way to help deal massive damage to hale. However, if no one is nearby, you can use the über to save yourself.
      • Medi-chaining is a very fun and challenging stragedy. This is when you have two medics working together übering each other while gaining more über by attacking hale.
      • Learn how to flash people when they are near hale to prevent them from dying.
      • Hale's rage doesn't affect you and your patient when übered.
      • Crossbow Sniping. Dealing crit arrows from 113-326 depending on the range.
      • Shoot your arrows toward soldiers in need! You may actually save their life when they are in need of health.
      Weapon Tweaks
      • All Sniper rifles deal 3x more damage than normal. Critical and Mini-crit hits will still deal the same amount of damage as though they were not Crit or Mini-crit hits (i.e. all un-scoped hits will deal 150 damage).
      • The Sniper Rifle outlines the boss (so that other players can locate him) for several seconds.
      • The time added to the glow timer scales based on the charge of the shot.
      • The Huntsman and the Fortified Compound are granted +100% reserve ammo and deal 50% extra damage. They are also Crit boosted.
      • The Sydney Sleeper will not apply Jarate to bosses but contributes half as much rage to the boss than other Sniper rifles.
      • The Bazaar Bargain is not allowed and is replaced with the Sniper Rifle.
      • The Hitman's Heatmaker gains Focus on hit. The amount of Focus gained varies by the charge of the shot.
      • The SMG is Crit boosted.
      • The Jarate and Self-Aware Beauty Mark removes 8% of the boss's rage, removes one arrow from the Christian Brutal Sniper if he has any, and reduces the duration of the Vagineer's uber.
      • The Razorback is not allowed and is replaced with the SMG.
      • The Cozy Camper, along with its attributes, also gives the player a custom SMG that causes the boss to bleed for 1.5 seconds on hit, deals 15% less damage, and does not randomly Crit. It is not granted a Crit boost.
      • The Bushwacka will allow the Sniper to hit a wall to 'wall climb'. The attack rate of the Bushwacka is reduced on a successful 'wall climb' to lower the player's rate of ascension, each 'climb' also deals around 15 damage to the player to prevent indefinite climbing. The Bushwacka prevents the player from being healed while in use, to further prevent Medics from allowing a Sniper to indefinitely climb.

        PeePee Sniper
      • Sydney Sleeper
      • Cozy Camper/SMG
      • Bushwacka
        The Sydney Sleeper sprays hale with jarate making him take all damage as mini-crits. However the Jarate lasts for a very short amount of time.
        Damage ♥♥♥♥♥
      • Machina
      • Cozy Camper/SMG
      • Bushwacka
        Machina does 518 damage fully charged instead of the other sniper rifle's 450. However you will not be able to shoot unscoped leaving you more vulnerable when hale is nearby or chasing you.
        The Trusty Stock
      • Sniper Rifle
      • Cozy Camper/SMG
      • Bushwacka
        Stock sniper rifle has the ability to highlight hale for your team upon successful shots. This is very useful for keeping track of hale and being able to see through walls.
        Medieval Style
      • Huntsman
      • Cozy Camper/SMG
      • Bushwacka
        Huntsman is a very fun weapon. Unlike the other Sniper primary weapons, the Huntsman fires a projectile. This can help you learn how to predict projectile speed and air-shotting.
      • Hitting the wall with a Bushwacka allows you to climb it. This is a widely popular melee among all VSH Snipers.
      • Jarate removes a insignificant amount of rage(8pct). This secondary is not worth equiping due to high recharge time.
      • The Cozy Camper can be a life-saver. Many snipers equip this to regain health after Bushwacking up a wall.
      • Airshotting Hale when he is chasing you slows his momentum significantly.
      Weapon Tweaks
      • A backstab from any Spy knife deals massive damage to the boss, from roughly 60% of the boss's max health at lower player counts to 10% on nearly full servers.
      • Upon a successful backstab, both the Spy and the boss are alerted, and the Razorback effect is applied to the Spy, disabling further attacks and cloaking for two seconds.
      • Being cloaked next to a Dispenser rapidly depletes the Cloak meter to prevent camping.
      • Rage stun will still affect cloaked Spies, and show "spooked" ghost particle effects above the Spy's head.
      • All Spy revolvers gain a Mini-crit boost while the Spy is undisguised.
      • The Ambassador does 2.5x (255) damage on headshots.
      • The Diamondback grants 2 Revenge Crits on backstab. Each Crit deals 200 damage to the boss.
      • Your Eternal Reward and Wanga Prick will lower decloak sound volume instead of triggering a disguise on backstab.
      • The Conniver's Kunai will start the player off with 65 health instead of 70 health. A successful backstab with it adds 180 health to the Spy, and overheals up to 270 health.
      • A successful backstab with the Big Earner grants 100% Cloak meter and a 3 second speed boost.
      • The Invis Watch, Enthusiast's Timepiece and Quäckenbirdt will grant a 90% damage reduction while cloaked. However, the boss will still hit for 85 damage against a Spy using these weapons.
      • The Cloak and Dagger is not allowed and is replaced with the Invis Watch or Enthusiast's Timepiece.
        The Dead Ringer grants a constant 90% damage reduction. Unlike the other watches, the boss will only deal 62 damage to a Spy that has the Dead Ringer active, feigned or not

        Ninja Style
      • Ambassador
      • Kunai
      • Invis watch
        This loadout is most popular among many players. Ambassador is great for close-up or sniping. Kunai can be a big saver if you have overheal. The Invis watch grants speed boost when you cloak and can help boost you to the hale's back.
        Fast Spy
      • Revolver/Ambassador
      • Big Earner
      • Invis watch
        This loadout is great for running away as soon as you get a backstab. The Big Earner's speed boost after a backstab can help compensate for the 2 seconds delay of being able to cloak, therefore helping you escape faster.
        Silent but deadly
      • Revolver/Ambassador
      • Your Eternal Reward
      • Invis watch
        This loadout is great for sneaking up to hale. The Eternal Reward removes your cloaking and de-cloaking sound making it unnoticable for hale to hear you. The Eternal Reward also removes the backstab sound, however, it doesn't remove the notification.
      Backstaber Spy
      Trickstabbing hales is probably one of the easiest way to get a backstab. With the Invis boost, it's easier to catch up to hale and backstab.
      [Speed boost is not always on every server]
      Sniper spy
      Headshotting with the Ambassador does a solid 255 damage(166 when hale is raging). Try not to be too far away when sniping hale. The Ambassador demands high precision and accuracy.

      • Dead Ringer will probably be the least useful invis watch. Hale can one-hit you if you don't have overheal. Otherwise it is a useless watch that won't serve you much.
      • When you backstab hale, he'll most likely have rage so back off as fast as you can.
      • Take advantage of a friendly pyros airblasting! Walk up behind hale and wait for the pyro to airblast hale's back into you. Easy backstabs!
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