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Tips, tricks and helpful info (tf2)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Bdopz, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Bdopz


    Aug 21, 2016
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    !DISCLAIMER! This guide mostly consists of TF2 tips and tricks, maybe later on I will add Gmod and CSGO related tips. But because I don't own Gmod, and I don't play CSGO the guide will be mainly TF2
    And with that out of the way

    This is My Collection of Tips and Tricks for (mostly TF2)
    Now while gaming with Degree-Gaming, I've found some little chat commands and settings that can sometimes help you dramatically while playing. A lot of these things were not told to me, instead I found out myself. So just so you don't have to go around asking people "LOUD AD HOW 2 TURN OFF?" here is my collection of Tips and Tricks!

    Team Fortress 2
    All Game Modes
    -How to enter a command without others knowing-
    When you enter a command into chat, everyone can see it. If there's ever a command you want to type in without others knowing, here is how
    1. Replace the
    ! with a /
    And that's it, so many people don't know this!
    -How to stop a loud ad mid game-
    Ever get a loud ass ad while playing? In jailbreak this is the most annoying, because you can't hear warden at all! Well here is how to mute an ad!
    Before we start, this only works while an ad is playing!
    1. Type !motd or !donate in chat
    What this does, is that it brings up the server motd menu, the motd menu is where the ad plays and because your telling it to open another page (i.e. the donate page) it stops the ad so your ears can rest!
    If you ever get tired of doing this, here is a guide on how to perma mute ads: https://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/4z7fw0/how_to_mute_those_loud_obnoxious_ads_in_community/

    -Commands the game doesn't tell you-
    Let's just dive in!
    !robot - Turns your player model into a robot (Works for blue and red)
    !prisonmodel - Turns your player model into a partly orange version of the model with a prison logo
    !tp - Switches your view camera from first person to third person
    !fp - Switches your view camera from third person to first person
    !wff - Turns on friendly fire for both teams (Will not work with all Degree-Gaming servers)

    !removelr - Accidentally give out LR? Use this to remove the current LR
    -How to remove the warden model-
    Ever heard of the !robot command? Well your going to need to do this!
    1. Type !robot in chat
    2. Type !robot again in chat
    And yeah, It's that simple. Just be sure to let everyone know your warden, don't want to cause confusion

    -How to 100% know who is warden-
    Okay this one is easy, but no one EVER knows this.
    1. Type !w in chat
    That's it, if there is already a warden it will list there name, if your on blue and there is no warden then keep in mind it WILL assign you to warden

    -How to not get muted on blue/guards-
    I'm pretty sure the Gold Vip mute glitch is not the same as the one I'm describing, so this solution may not work for that glitch
    Ever get muted on blue for NO REASON? Well here is what to not get muted!
    1. Don't switch classes during the start of the round countdown
    If your switching from solider to another class because you were warden, be sure to do this BEFORE the start of the round countdown. If you don't the game mutes you because you die to switch classes.

    Freak Fortress 2
    -List of weapon changes-
    This list is a revised version of the official TF2 Freak Fortress Wiki page and the in game weapon changes list, I have gone in game and tested every feature that is here. If I've missed something or have gotten something wrong, please comment below and let me know!

    -The Shortstop's reload time penalty is removed
    -The Baby Face's Blaster charge meter will charge when damage is dealt, but will quickly go down when not dealing damage, if damage is dealt with the charge meter full every shot will heal about 1-5 health
    -The Crit-a-Cola grants full Crits instead of Mini-crits
    -The Candy Cane causes a small health pack to appear on hit
    -All pistols deal mini-crits
    -The Fan O' War removes 5% of the bosses rage per hit
    -The Wrap Assassin bauble can now be thrown twice before having to recharge

    -All Soldier primary and secondary weapons (excluding the Cow Mangler 5000 and the Righteous Bison) will perform Mini-crits against an airborne boss
    -The Direct Hit performs Crits instead of Mini-crits
    -The Rocket Jumper is not allowed and is replaced with the Rocket Launcher
    -The Air Strike gains clip sizes on every 200 damage instead of on kill
    -The Gunboats reduce fall damage by 90%
    -The Battalion's Backup's meter will completely fill upon being hit. When used, will block a massive amount of damage from bosses against the player and teammates within the buff radius
    -The Mantreads reduce fall damage by 90% and increase rocket jump distance
    -The Reserve Shooter has slightly increased damage and weapon switching speed
    -The Half-Zatoichi heals 35 health on hit and can overheal the player by up to 25 health

    -The Phlogistinator's buff will cause the player to become invulnerable and take great knock back during the taunt
    -The Flare Gun and Detonator are replaced with a "Mega-Detonator", a customized Flare Gun that behaves like a Detonator, but allows for a very large Flare Jump at the expense of greater self-damage from explosions. The flare jump will propel the user a large distance regardless of whether it is detonated via alt-fire or via the flare exploding on contact with an object
    -The Reserve Shooter has slightly increased damage and weapon switching speed

    -All shields block one hit from any boss, after which they are removed from the player for the duration of the round. All shields also grant the user Crits on primary weapons
    -The Sticky Jumper is not allowed and is replaced with the Stickybomb Launcher
    -The Eyelander, Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker, and Nessie's Nine Iron collect a head from each hit, instead of each kill
    -The Half-Zatoichi heals 35 health on hit and can overheal the player by up to 25 health

    -The Natascha is not allowed and is replaced with the Mnigun
    -The Killing Gloves of Boxing, the Gloves of Running Urgently and the Bread Bite are modified to allow the Heavy to run at 50% greater speed, but deal 7 damage per second while active. They do not add Mini-crits

    -The Frontier Justice deals Crits as long as the Engineer's Sentry Gun is targeting the boss
    -All pistols deal mini-crits
    -The Short Circuit's beam will temporarily stun the boss
    -The Eureka Effect is not allowed and is replaced with the Wrench

    -All syringe guns are replaced with custom Syringe Gun, which grants +5% ÜberCharge on hit
    -The Crusader's Crossbow always performs Critical hits, deals 50% extra damage, and gains 10% ÜberCharge on each successful hit
    -All secondary weapons are replaced with custom Krtizkrieg that has a 25% faster Übercharge rate and gain the Disciplinary Action speed boost effect while healing the Scout. ÜberCharge grants both invulnerability and critical hits to both the Medic and the patient, and lasts 50% longer than a normal Übercharge

    -All Sniper's primary weapons do 2.9x damage
    -The Sniper Rifle outlines the boss (so that other players can locate him) for several seconds. The time added to the glow timer scales based on the charge of the shot
    -The Huntsman and the Fortified Compound deal 50% extra damage
    -The Bazaar Bargain is not allowed and is replaced with the Sniper Rifle
    -The Hitman's Heatmaker gains Focus on hit. The amount of Focus gained varies by the charge of the shot
    -The SMG always performs Critical hits
    -The Jarate and Self-Aware Beauty Mark removes 8% of the enemy character's rage
    -The Darwin's Danger Shield grants +50HP
    -The Razorback blocks one hit from any boss
    -The Cozy Camper, along with its attributes, also gives the player a custom SMG that deals 15% less damage and does not randomly Crit. It is also not granted Critical hits by the gamemode

    -A backstab from any melee weapon deals roughly 10% of the enemy character's max health in damage
    -Upon a successful backstab, both the Spy and the boss are alerted, and a Razorback effect is applied to the Spy, disabling attack for two seconds
    -All secondary weapons deal Mini-crits
    -A successful backstab with the Your Eternal Reward or Wanga Prick disguises the Spy as a random teammate (Not sure if this is banned or not)
    -A successful backstab with the Conniver's Kunai adds 60 health to the Spy, and overheals up to 250 health
    -The Cloak and Dagger is not allowed and is replaced with the Invis Watch
    -The Dead Ringer does not provide damage resistance while cloaked. When activated by an attack by any boss, will cause the player to take approximately 62 damage, instead of 10% of the boss's punch damage. Uncloaking with the Dead Ringer will not reduce the player's Cloak meter to 40%

    More to Freak Fortress coming soon! But this list took about a week so I'm going to publish what I have and add more as I go!


    Below you can see other custom TF2 game modes I'm looking to create tips and tricks for, but because either I have not played the game mode enough, or there are not enough players to play the game mode, I just can't do so. If you have suggestions for ANYTHING please let me know!

    -Disco song list-
    The disco room in every Degree-Gaming trade server has a couple of TF2 inspired songs, incase your wondering one of the song names, here is a list with links! The order of this list is the order of song buttons from left to right.
    1. Hudda Hudda Huh! | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v2SlLIS9eU
    2. Erectin' Gear! | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zLJqaUDN_E
    3. Engineer Techno (Ghost n Stuff Remix) | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKo9UH1m4Cc
    4. NightMen | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1u5MawzSNU
    5. GabeN | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DC6RAr2xcM
    6. Soldier Vs. Masked Spy | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjt9ppemePg
    7. Mmph the Way You Mmph | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw0re7xmpAQ
    8. Bonkumiru | -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Eh2-DZTgQ
    Death Run Coming Soon
    Slender Fortress Coming Soon
    Prop Hunt Coming Soon
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
  2. Bdopz


    Aug 21, 2016
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    For some reason the forum edit tool keeps auto changing the first 5 links to media links, I don't want that because the video image takes up too much space. Any fixes?
  3. Gandalf


    Jun 14, 2016
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    Put a - in front of the link with no space so its not an actual link it wont show then.
  4. Bdopz


    Aug 21, 2016
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