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Seeking Attention Scotty's unban request

Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by scotty, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. scotty


    Aug 20, 2018
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    Member Name scotty

    Ban Details

    Your Steam profile URL or Steam ID

    Your ban link

    What server were you banned from?
    Vs Saxton Hale

    Why you do think you were Banned?
    I believe I was perm muted for talking bad about the servers and members. I was also perm muted for making disrepectful comments on Vital over mic, and telling people to join "Blackwonder"?

    Why do you think you should be Unbanned?
    I did say some disrespectful things about a couple of people playing, but I did not try to say anything bad about the server itself as many of my friends have/had played it before. I made some immature comments of Vital, and simply annoyed him with the "Epic Gamer" type talking, and also told somebody to join Blackwonder? This is from my first unban request in Vital's first comment, (https://forums.degree-gaming.com/threads/scottys-unban-request.68755/) I questioned this because I very much dislike Blackwonder and think it is on no other level of Degree. I sincerely apologize for anything I have said/done, and at least, since I barely use my mic anymore, be able to communicate through chat to talk to my friends when Degree is the only place I have to play that I actually understand well.

    Who banned you?


    Agree to the following:
    By submitting a request I am telling the truth in what I have written and if anything that I have said was fabricated then I risk my forum account being banned and my server ban length to increase with no chance of appeal.