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Funny conversation on steam

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by ¬°JoeDaPacheco, Feb 2, 2018.

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  1. ¬°JoeDaPacheco

    Clan Member

    Jun 19, 2015
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    so i was playing on jailbreak when my friend PieLicker24 send me an odd message.,and being the kind who enjoys a having a good laugh, did follow his game. which ended in an surrealist comedy/ weird al song like kind of conversation. enjoy!!

    PieLicker24: Hurry up and type that message
    PieLicker24 se encuentra ahora en estado Conectado.
    PieLicker24: Fine
    PieLicker24: Whatever
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: what message?
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: sorry I'm playing jailbreak
    PieLicker24: Don't give me that
    PieLicker24: You're cheating on me arn't you?
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: no baby, im using condom
    PieLicker24: I'm leaving you
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: but where I'm gonna sleep?
    PieLicker24: That's you problem
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: but i love you
    PieLicker24: Too ba
    PieLicker24: d
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: think of the children's. and our dear deaf and mentally ill dog taco.
    PieLicker24: They are your problem
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: why? though or therapist who is also or plumber did solve that
    PieLicker24: Nope
    PieLicker24: I've been seeing John
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: that fucking avocado seller what has what I don'T?
    PieLicker24: Everything
    PieLicker24: Avacodos
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: you know he has a big case of Irritable bowel syndrome and normally farts so much it's like entering the gas chamber.
    PieLicker24: No that's jon
    PieLicker24: I'm talking about john
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: oh yeah
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: it's the guy who thinks he has an imaginary aunt with Paranoid schizophrenia
    PieLicker24: No that's johna
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: or it's the guy who tried to marry a melon with google eyes?
    PieLicker24: That was jooohn
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: joohn is not also this guy who sells road kill squirrels?
    PieLicker24: peanut buguter
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: ah yeah peanut butter..and use it like facial mask
    PieLicker24: ew]
    ¬°JoeDaPacheco: not so handsome anymore don't you think?