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Code of Conduct

Our Community Code of Conduct. Last updated: 2018-02-04

The Central Principle

Players must follow this Code of Conduct and respect the Degree-Gaming community and its players. A behaviour or act that any reasonable player in the Degree-Gaming community would find anti-competitive, anti-social or unfair will be punished in some way.

Levels of Punishment

It's impossible to note down all potential reasons that a person may be banned so Degree-Gaming staff use their best judgement and the central principle to handle each case. The following is a rough guide to punishments that applies across the whole of the community.

Gross misconduct

Immediate permanent ban, no prior warnings.

  • Cheating
  • Advertising
  • Impersonation of Degree-Gaming staff
  • Scamming (but not sharking)
  • Causing Degree-Gaming a financial disadvantage

Severe misconduct

Initial warning, followed up by 1-week ban if failing to respond to warning.

  • Glitching
  • Disrespect of Degree-Gaming Staff
  • Sharking

General misconduct

Initial warning, followed by a kick/final warning, followed by a 1-day ban.

  • Explicit Sprays (i.e. showing full-on nudity or more)
  • Derailling objectives
  • Spawncamping
  • Excessive delaying of rounds
  • Spamming
  • Excessive trolling


Any actual punishments may be more or less severe, depending on the surrounding circumstances and subject to staff's discretion. Any such deviation should be noted down in a suitable place. (e.g. In the ban message/forum thread/warning message)

In some cases, where in-game communication is being used, staff will normally prefer to use gags/mutes (chat bans) in place of game server bans. These will normally follow the same pattern as bans, but where kicks are replaced by the standard 30 minute mute.

Bans are reviewed regularly and may be adjusted up or down. If you accrue multiple short bans, you may be re-banned for a longer period.

The Specifics

Degree-Gaming runs many different game types, and some require their own rules, in addition to those above. Yet again, the central principle applies in all cases.


Severe misconduct

  • Freekilling
  • Using glitched ammo/disguises
  • No microphone as warden

General misconduct

  • Intentional freehitting (pushing, damaging or otherwise causing a status effect on a red)
  • Opening the cells before warden has finished orders
  • Turning on warden friendly fire
  • Interferring with minigame operation as BLU
  • No/Exceptionally poor quality microphone on BLU
  • Repeated unwardening
  • Repeated ghosting
  • Repeatedly giving some reds a large advantage to winning a Last Request (Favouritism)
  • Continuous failure to give or respect Last Requests

Special Notes

  • Last guard kills all does not apply to the warden
  • Last requests must be given, Death requests are optional
  • Games where reds that die are not chosen by luck or skill are banned. Some examples are: "Pokemon", "Gladiators" and "Cell wars"
  • No weapons are banned (bonk and stickies must not be spammed)
  • Note the "Excessive delaying of rounds" from the general guide - this includes but is not limited to: camping armoury/arena/mario kart, , refusing to kill reds as last guard


Severe misconduct

  • Picking up weapons as the boss
  • Friendly boss

General misconduct

  • Friendly players
  • Suiciding as the boss on round start

Special Notes

  • Hale may choose to partner taunt the final player once, and once only. Any more is considered delaying the round.
  • Note the "Excessive delaying of rounds" from the general guide - this applies to camping as hale or as a class that would better serve the team by pursuing the boss.


Severe misconduct

  • Killing others without a valid reason (RDM)
  • Intentionally running people over with a vehicle (VDM)
  • Intentionally killing others with props
  • Failing to advertise prior to Raids, Mugging, Raiding assists, Raiding PD, Raiding the Casino or CarJacking

General misconduct

  • Breaking character (e.g. Raiding when not a criminal, arresting without valid reason)
  • Skipping the 5-minute raiding cooldown
  • Entering your death bubble (New Life Rule)

Special Notes

Your right to appeal

Not all people share the same ideas of what is acceptable, so disagreements inevitably occur. If you think a member of staff's actions against you are overly harsh or unjustified, do not take your appeal to a member of staff, instead post it in the correct section on the forums.

  • Any appeal opened will be reviewed by a different member of staff at least as senior to the one being appealed against
  • Most appeals are reviewed within a couple of days. If the action you are appealing has an effect lasting less than 72hrs (i.e. a one or two-day ban), it's not going to be worth your time to write an appeal
  • You cannot appeal on behalf of another user - any such appeals will be ignored
  • Your appeal should explain rationally why you think the actions against you are overly harsh or unjustified. Appeals that insult staff will be ignored
  • The decision on a dispute is final, and you have no further right to appeal