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DarkRP Rules

DarkRP Server Rules

The obvious & general rules:

  1. Do Not RDM: This means you can't kill anyone without a legitimate RP reason, like a raid. You can't randomly kill someone.
  2. Don't break NLR: There is a massive white obvious bubble for a reason. Don't go inside it after you have died. You forget everything when you die.
  3. Do Not VDM: Just the same as RDM, don't ram people with your car.
  4. EMS, Fire Fighter and DJ Immunity: These classes are immune from being raided or mugged. If you are mugged as one of these classes, report it to an admin.
  5. Raiding - Illegally:You can raid anyone illegally, as any class, besides EMS, Fire Fighter or DJ. Raiding has a cooldown of 5 minutes.
  6. Raiding - Legally: Only law enforcement can provide warrants to search a property. They must ask first, and if the occupant is non-compliant, they can bust that person by raiding them.
  7. Law Enforcement and Arresting: All law enforcement needs a legitimate RP reason to arrest. This means, breaking laws, murder of any kind, or laws that are set by the current mayor. Report random arrests to an admin.
  8. Driving: Don't drive on the pavement. That's for humans. Not metal boxes with wheels. Obey speed limits, stop at stop signs and traffic lights when red. Emergency services can ignore these in an emergency situation.
  9. One-Way Props: You cannot shoot through one way props. Ever. If someone shoots at you, you cannot shoot back. One-way walls do not exist in real life, and its only a liberty that they exist in game. Do not abuse this.
  10. Running away from arrests: You cannot run away from arrests unless you are a criminal class. If you asked to stop by law enforcement, you have to stop and await further instructions otherwise FailRP.

Things you need to advert:
  1. Note: Failing to advert is a serious offence, and repeat offending is worse and a more severe punishment will be issued.
  2. Raids, Mugging, Raid Assists, PD Raids, Casino Raids, Carjacking, Hacking an ATM, Rapes, Terrorist Situations and Hold-ups

Building Rules. (Rather important)
  1. Note: These rules are here to stop players having an unfair advantage and for either parties happiness. These rules are important and have serious punishments.
  2. Building Sign: When building, use a text screen to write "BUILDING" outside your property when you are building. you need to take it down when you are done or you have spawned printers. You cannot print, or commit crime when you still have a building sign up.
  3. Air building: You cannot build in the sky or have a floating base.
  4. Ownership of districts: You can't claim ownership of large areas of the map, or any area in which there is an entity or an NPC.
  5. Fading Doors: Fadings doors are to be one prop thick. There is a 3 Fading Door Limit per base. Not per player.
  6. Fading Door Abuse: Fading door abusing is opening a door to shoot, then closing it. Don't do this.
  7. Keypads: Keypads MUST have a hold-time of 5 seconds or longer and must be VISIBLE. They can be obscured by say, a plant pot, but must still be accessible to all the buttons and visible from one phx 1x1 plate's distance away.
  8. Building outside the base: Building outside the boundaries of your building is questionable and down to admin discretion. You cannot extend your base onto the pavement, but you may build balconies that protrude no further than the edge of the pavement.
  9. Entrances: Your base has to have a minimum of ONE easily crackable or pickable door. Windows do not count as entrances.
  10. Exits: Your base can have an unlimited number of exits as long as it has one entrance. Windows do not count as exits.
  11. Prop blocking doors: If your base has multiple entrances, you are allowed to block up doors that you are not using. They do not need to be see-through, or a fading door. You cannot prop block an in-use door.
  12. Turrets: These are disabled. Do not add them.
  13. Foot traps or invisible props: Don't place props as to be able to shoot them, but so they can't shoot you
  14. Hinderances: No mazes, crouch spots or any other area that hinder speed or movement are allowed. They create unfair advantages.
  15. Rooftops: You can't build on rooftops unless they are directly accessible by walking, ladders or stairs.

Job Specific rules:

  • You cannot raid
  • You cannot steal
  • You can own a base but no printers or drug equipment

Low life:
  • You cannot raid
  • You cannot steal
  • You can own a base with printers

Thieves (criminal):
  • You can mug and steal
  • You can raid: bases, and the PD
  • You can own a base with printers
  • You can cook meth and grow weed

Hackers (criminal):
  • You can mug and hack ATMS
  • You can raid: bases and the Casino
  • You can own a base with printers
  • You can cook meth and grow weed

Bank Robber (criminal):
  • You can mug
  • You can raid: The bank/PD
  • You can own a base with printers
  • You can cook meth and grow weed

  • You must sell whoever requests it. You can't discriminate.
  • Scamming or sharking customer's is allowed but is illegal
  • You can own printers but it is illegal
  • You can only cook meth or grow weed if you are a drug dealer

Public Transport:
  • You cannot Raid or own a base.
  • You may own a shop as a form of Office for your company.
  • Its illegal, but you may abduct and mug your passengers
  • You may build a small bus shelter on the side of the pavement and advertise your job

Law Enforcement (Police, SWAT, etc):
  • You can warrant and search/raid buildings, but you must give the chance to be cooperative
  • You need to handcuff citizens and then arrest people who have committed offences
  • You cannot randomly arrest people
  • You need a valid reason to warrant someone. E.g hearing printers, being tipped off
  • You can shoot at someones hands to disarm them
  • You can only shoot, if shot at

Gangsters and Mafia
  • As Gangster Leader or Mafia Boss: You may seize control of an area entirely. This area must be small and cannot block public roads but can block end roads. When the boss/leader gets demoted or one isn't present then, they no longer control the area, remove all props in that area, and must submit to the police
  • You can own a base with printers
  • You can cook meth and grow weed

EMS, Doctors and Fire Fighters
  • You cannot raid or be raided
  • You cannot mug, or be mugged
  • You cannot commit crimes
  • You cannot own a base, as you have the Fire Department

  • You can only raid if your target is inside a base
  • Hits are by default law Illegal
  • Bounties are always Legal

Hobo (& Hobo King):
  • You can only raid if you are with your king
  • You can't own a base, but can have a crap-shack
  • You may beg, but it is illegal

DJ, Camera guy, Cinema Owner:
  • You cannot play racist, homophobic or other socially unacceptable content
  • You cannot play vulgar content
  • You cannot raid

Admins / VIP
  • VIP jobs are Non-RP jobs, however whoever your character is you may RP as that character would.
  • Admins or Management on duty cannot RP.

Default Laws
  • Murder is illegal
  • Raiding is illegal
  • Mugging is illegal
  • Owning drugs is illegal
  • Firing a gun in public, unless for self-defence, is illegal
  • Trafficking drugs or carrying drug paraphernalia is illegal
  • Stealing is illegal
  • Placing hits are illegal

Created by: Rare and Furbloke on May 31,2016. Rules subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to keep up with the above ruleset while in our DarkRP server!